Our company

We are a company dedicated to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), created in 2000, with extensive experience in the agrobiological, forestry and ornamental sectors.

Headquartered in Barcelona and with offices in Lleida, La Rioja and Navarra, we guarantee personalized attention throughout northern Spain.

Our vocation is to offer our customers sustainable and environmentally friendly agro-biological solutions with a close and professional treatment.


Opennatur started its activity by commercializing pheromones for use in monitoring strategies, mass trapping and sexual confusion of insects. In this sense, he has been responsible for the development of some of these techniques, contributing substantially to their improvement and knowledge.

In 2009, the company decided to expand its portfolio, starting to distribute natural enemies for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which allowed it to specialize in this technique and offer a Biological Pest Control program in urban green spaces.
As a result, in 2014, OpenNatur opened an entomological laboratory located in the Science and Agri-Food Park of Lleida, from where it R&D&I projects are promoted and developed with universities and other research centers. In addition, these facilities are also used for the production and sale of mass rearing of Biological Control Organisms as an alternative to phytosanitary products.

All this effort was rewarded in 2019 by the Directorate General for Research, Development and Innovation, awarding the Innovative SME Seal to OpenNatur and being registered in the Register of Innovative SMEs.


Farming with respect for the environment is the main challenge facing agriculture today. The market and the end consumer are increasingly demanding products of known origin and with a lower level of waste.
For this reason, the company's philosophy is based on offering a technical service that allows obtaining optimal and efficient results in crops through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Under this philosophy, the company obtained in 2007 the accreditation for the performance of officially recognized efficacy tests (EOR accreditation) of phytosanitary products.

Objectives and future purposes

Promote integrated pest management in crops and ornamental plants.

For higher quality, cleaner and more sustainable crops.


Promote techniques and methodologies that minimize the indiscriminate use of phytosanitary products.

We advise our customers with the most effective options against pests and diseases through the distribution of environmentally friendly products.


Promote research projects at a national and European level for the development of new techniques and methodologies in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our entomological laboratory and research center, develops several experimental projects per year, together with universities and other research centers such as IRTA, CSIC,…



Victor Perdrix

CEO, Founder

Marc Franco

OpenGeo Manager
and Agricultural Commercial Technician

Pol Montserrat

Agricultural commercial technician
and forestry

Marta Aramendia

Commercial agricultural technology.
La Rioja and Navarra Delegation

David Valverde

Production and Development Manager

Júlia Nogués

Biological Control Technicianin urban green spaces

Izan Martinez

Information Technology Department

Josep Martinez

Responsible for the administrative and accounting department

Gerard Sanuy

Administrative and Marketing Department

Aldemar Chiquito

Logistics Department and

Maicol Steven

Logistics Department and



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Our commitment

At Opennatur we are committed to sustainable agriculture that includes the preservation of biodiversity, nutrition without phytosanitary residues and the production of different crops without losing their efficiency.

To this end, Opennatur supports, through its technical advice, the <b>Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)</b>, increasing ecological awareness, decision making in the management of agricultural and forestry areas, as well as private individuals.