Agrobiological solutions
Agrobiological solutions

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OpenNatur, with headquarters in Barcelona and delegation in Lleida, has as its vocation to offer the best Agrobiological Solutions to its clients with a close, professional and honest treatment guaranteed by its human team of specialists in the field.


Cultivating while respecting the Environment is the main challenge of agriculture at the moment. The market and the final consumer increasingly demand products of known origin and with a lower residue rate. The evolution of the demand and the legal dispositions, as well as the problems derived from the resistance to the pesticides, establish and impose the new guidelines that are mandatory.


This is already possible through different techniques that act on pest control. One of them consists in the use of sexual pheromones and synthesized attractive substances , together with different specific traps and strategically distributed in the cultures. Depending on the amount of pheromone used and the number of traps , we obtain three types of applications: the sampling , the mass capture and the sexual confusion . On the other hand, the introduction of beneficial insects such as predators and parasitoids to combat the main tree pests, helps us to reduce the use of plant protection products.

With the application of these methods, the agricultural entrepreneur not only manages to be attentive to the pests and monitor them, but to control them and apply the necessary procedures to combat them. The final objective is none other than to achieve higher quality, cleaner and more respectful crops with the Environment in order to be able to offer a select range of products in accordance with the increasingly demanding market demands.

And all this, with a high degree of productive efficiency.

OpenNatur and its Technical Service, will advise you on the best Agrobiological Solutions and most effective applicable to your crops to obtain the best results in the use of sex pheromones , the different attractants and with the biological control .

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