European Projects
Development of biological control products
European Projects
Development of biological
control products


Biocom is committed to manufacturers of biological control products in Europe to develop novel biological control products to support the application of integrated management of pests and diseases in agriculture and forestry. The EU emphasizes the role of Integrated Pest Management , as an important instrument to reduce dependence on the use of pesticides. Before pesticides are used, biological control measures, along with physical and other non-chemical methods, must take precedence (Directive 2009/128 / EC). The EU is stimulating the development of biological control products by funding this Biocom project.

Manufacturers of biological control products in Europe develop novel biological control products to support the application of integrated pest management to agriculture and forestry. Develop 11 new biological control agents (BCA) and 2 production technologies. Gypsy Moth, Pine Weevil, Tomato Moth, Potato Moth, Whitefly, Aphid, Cabbage Moth. Fungal diseases in the roots, Verticilosis transmitted by the ground Fusarium spp. The brown rot. Powdery mildew. Biocom Consortium: 13 industrial partners / 14 research institutes and universities / In 14 DLO countries (Wageningen UR) coordinator of the project.


APPLEGENIE is the predictive diagnosis based on gene expression for the rapid evaluation of crop fruit load programs and Bitter Pit disorder < / b> in apples.
APPLEGENIE points to new scientific knowledge and technology to assess the physiological state of apple orchards as a means of overcoming two major burdens for apple growers and fresh chains: ineffective clearance programs for crop load management; and the Bitter Pit post-harvest disorder.  
The project will deploy a molecular diagnostic solution with three different components: complete diagnostic protocols; off-the-shelf sampling kits for on-site sample preparation prior to analysis; Compact desktop laboratory for on-site analysis using kits.  
APPLEGENIE clarifies the molecular diagnosis of the boost that horticulture needs. A new business model based on molecular diagnostic services was launched thanks to transnational collaboration to develop reliable diagnostic tools, with a primary focus on two much-needed solutions for the apple sector.  
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of the European project APPLEGENIE of diagnostic tests based on gene activity for the evaluation of thinning programs and Bitter's disorder apple chest. Project promoted by SME (Seventh Framework Program) and participated, among other companies, by OpenNatur .

Project description

Ineffective chemical thinning and Bitter Pit storage disorder lower the production of high-quality apples in Europe. The APPLEGENIE project will develop diagnostic tests to manage and overcome these problems.
This APPLEGENIE project is a project promoted by SMEs. This means that the development of practical tools will be assured. The project aims to cross the bridge between science and practice. Prestigious research institutes such as IRTA (Spain), Plant and Food Research (NZ), CTIFL (France) and the University of Bologna combine their efforts with end users and high-end consulting providers who are heavily involved in the practice of horticulture.  
  The tools to be developed are based on molecular diagnostics. This means that information on the relevant changes in the gene expression of the plantations themselves will be the basis for the tests.
The result of the test has to give the information to the client at the moment and the way to apply chemicals to achieve the optimal profitability. The experiments will be carried out in southern Europe and New Zealand in order to search for universal applicable tools and to make optimal use of the different seasons of the year.
Regarding the test that was developed by Bitter Pit , the consortium will focus on the predictive tests to be applied before harvest. Preventive measures can be taken if necessary to overcome severe losses during storage.

The project aims to develop a diagnostic platform that will generate quick and easy test results, in order to be on time to take action. Coordinator: NSURE B.V. NEDERLAND


  • Turoni
  • OpenNatur SL ESPANYA

Project activity

First periodic APPLEGENIE meeting at IRTA.
As of October 29, 2014, the APPLEGENIE consortium visited the new IRTA facilities in Lleida, Spain for their first periodic meeting, 6 months after the start of this project.
While clearance trials have been completed in the northern hemisphere (France, Italy and Spain), trials in New Zealand are still ongoing.
These form the basis for the development of molecular diagnostics aimed at optimizing thinning practices. Trials are underway to develop Bitter Pit diagnostics.

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