R+D+i Projects

OpenNatur promotes research and development for the elaboration of more efficient control strategies and the development of biological control organisms (OCBs), which act as natural enemies of pests that affect agricultural, forestry and ornamental farms.
In addition, we have always maintained a close relationship with research centers and groups from different universities, taking part in cooperative projects both nationally and internationally.

Internationally, the company is part of two European consortia that have obtained funding for the development of agricultural and forestry research projects within the "Seventh framework programme".

As a result of all this effort and dedication, in 2019 the General Directorate for Research, Development and Innovation awarded the Innovative SME Seal to our company, being registered in the Innovative SME Register.


Entomological laboratory

Opennatur has an entomological laboratory at the Agroalimentary Scientific and Technological Park of Lleida that fulfills the following purposes:

- Acquisition of a superior scientific understanding in the field of breeding and manipulation of insects of biological interest for pest control in fruit farms in the northern part of the peninsula, with special interest in the region of Lleida.

- Investigation of the biological parameters necessary for the establishment of rearing and maintenance protocols for the selected insect species to produce viable and stable populations of adult organisms.

- Development of technologies that allow mass production of the selected organisms.

- Optimization of field strategies through trials and tests in fruit farms in the region of Lleida.