Plant Endotherapy


Plant Endotherapy

Innovative and highly effective technique for the control of pests and diseases, as well as for the extra supply of nutrients, injecting the product directly to the tree avoiding the nebulization of chemicals in the environment, <b>being a harmless treatment for citizens and pets.</b> In this way, your application has no time limit.

One of the clearest examples is the prevention of the pine processionary or red palm weevil in palm trees.

Case Study

The Alzinera del Quelàs is a specimen of Quercus ilex located near the municipality of Miralcamp, in the region of Pla d'Urgell, Lleida.

The specimen has been declared a <b>monumental tree</b> due to its historical importance as it is said to be more than 600 years old.

With a trunk perimeter of 3.9 meters, it had been affected by an attack of oak mealybug <em>(Kermes vermilio)</em> that had greatly deteriorated its condition causing a large drying of young branches and endangering the life of this historic specimen.