Auxiliary Wildlife Refuges


Our services for the management of green spaces through biodiversity islands

<b>OpenNatur</b> offers <b>integrated pest management</b> services in cities, green spaces and private gardens. Due to European and Spanish regulations (Directive 2009/128 / EC and RD 1311/2012), the number of authorized phytosanitary products in the management of green spaces has been reduced. These organizations are calling for an increase in the use of <b>integrated pest management programs</b> with <b>biological control</b> and a reduction in the use of insecticides. Biological control can provide similar or better levels of control than chemical control and no resistance is created. This method has a high social acceptance within a city or business.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Initial study of the phytosanitary status of urban trees or green spaces.
  • Monitoring of pests and natural enemies
  • Releases of native natural enemies into the environment
  • Supply of natural enemies as distributors
  • Design of auxiliary fauna refuges as reservoirs of useful fauna throughout the winter season.