Islands of Biodiversity


Our services for the management of green spaces through biodiversity islands

<b>OpenNatur</b> offers <b>integrated pest management</b> services in cities, green spaces and private gardens. Due to European and Spanish regulations (Directive 2009/128 / EC and RD 1311/2012), the number of authorized phytosanitary products in the management of green spaces has been reduced. These organizations are calling for an increase in the use of <b>integrated pest management programs</b> with <b>biological control</b> and a reduction in the use of insecticides. Biological control can provide similar or better levels of control than chemical control and no resistance is created. This method has a high social acceptance within a city or business.
The objectives we want to achieve are to reduce to minimum levels the use of phytosanitary products in cities, establish populations of natural enemies of pests through the installation of biodiversity islands and auxiliary fauna refuges, and eliminate the incidence and inconvenience generated by pests and diseases in cities and towns for residents and users of green spaces.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Initial study of the phytosanitary status of urban trees or green spaces.
  • Monitoring of pests and natural enemies
  • Releases of native natural enemies into the environment
  • Supply of natural enemies as distributors
  • Design of biodiversity islands as reservoirs of useful fauna.